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Exercise and maintaining a balanced diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle but for many hoping to reach a specific body goal, there can still be stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to remove. In this instance, our fat freezing in Northampton is ideal, offering a non-surgical, safe method of removing unwanted fat.

With this in mind, we are currently working through a course of fat freezing sessions with our lovely client, who is looking to eliminate fat around the stomach area. They have just had their first session, so we have added a video and description below of how they got on!

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The 1st Fat Freezing Session

Our client started their journey with a consultation, which allowed us to discuss their body goals and tailor their treatment plan to their desired results. We concluded that our new NBW-C325 machine would be the best suitable option for our client’s sessions as it features a larger handpiece that has been exclusively designed for use on the stomach area. The handpiece is also equipped with a touchscreen which enables us to monitor the temperature in real-time. Happy with their treatment plan, our client decided to go ahead with their fat freezing sessions.

During their first session, we spent time at the beginning of the appointment answering any last questions our client had before they could make themselves comfortable ready for the treatment to start. The moulded cup on the handpiece was then placed over the treatment area, and the temperature was dropped to begin freezing the fat cells.

After the session, our client was given aftercare recommendations to ensure they could maximise their results ready for their next session. We look forward to seeing their full transformation after their course!

Maximising Result Success!

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Such a lovely team at New You, they made me feel so welcome and were really friendly. So happy with my experience so far, I felt really comfortable during my treatment, so I’m looking forward to my next!