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Semi-Permanent Makeup Removal in Northampton

As highly experienced industry specialists, New You is dedicated to providing an effective solution to all manner of beauty dilemmas. Similar to body tattoos, many clients rush at the chance to enjoy a permanent makeup solution; however, this doesn’t always go to plan. With this in mind, we provide safety-approved semi-permanent makeup removal in Northampton for tattooed lips, eyebrows and eyeliner.

All equipment used for cosmetic tattoo removal is of the highest industry standard, including the latest, innovative technology to guarantee a safe, result-driven experience for clients. Before going ahead with any sessions, we will always invite clients for a consultation, in which a tailored treatment plan will be devised based on requirements, taking into consideration any contraindications.

Types of Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

As cosmetic tattoos tend to be in delicate areas such as around the eyes, it is important to make sure that you have the tattoos removed by a professional and expert team. Our highly experienced team can help with the following tattoo removals and more:

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Whether you chose the wrong colour pigment or you no longer want your tattoo, our team can help with eyebrow tattoo removal in Northampton.

Eyeliner Tattoo Removal

Due to this being a delicate and sensitive area, our team will take extra precautions to ensure your eyeliner tattoo removal in Northampton is complete safely.

Understanding The Process

How Does Cosmetic Tattoo Removal Work?

Similarly to laser tattoo removal, specialist laser equipment is used to remove cosmetic tattoos. Using a hand-held device equipped with a high-intensity laser beam, light energy is used to break down the pigments within the cosmetic tattoo. Once the pigment shatters into tiny pieces, it can then be naturally passed through the body and eventually removed. This makes it an incredibly safe, quick and easy treatment process.

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I honestly couldn’t recommend New You more! I had my eyebrows tattooed a few years ago by a different salon and have hated them ever since, so was eager to get them removed. During my consultation, the team took the time to listen to what I wanted so that every step of the process worked for me. What a great salon!