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Detoxing Carbon Peel Facial

The carbon peel facial is sought-after in Hollywood, known for restoring the skin of some of the most famous stars. As a two-stage treatment, the carbon peel begins with applying a carbon solution, which has a similar consistency to a mud mask and begins to draw out any contaminants clogging the pores. This is then carefully removed using an innovative laser device.

The heat produced by the lasers helps to remove all built-up dirt and oil from the pores, exfoliating the surface and stimulating the reproduction of collagen. It is also a proven treatment for those who suffer from acne as the heat produced helps to fight the bacteria, which causes breakouts. Moreover, the treatment begins to shrink the sebaceous glands, another key culprit for the overproduction of oil and therefore, acne flare-ups.

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Here at New You, we recognise that every client is unique, which means that we do not operate on a ‘one size fits all basis’. Instead, we encourage all clients to make the most out of their initial consultation, in which your requirements are discussed, and a tailored treatment plan is devised. The laser carbon peel treatments that are available to book at New You include:


Face Skin Laser Peeling

Perfect for treating skin concerns such as a tired, dull and ageing appearance.


Face & Neck Skin Laser Peeling

A treatment for contouring the face and neck, providing an instant revitalised feel.


Pigmentation Treatment

Used to resurface the skin, removing noticeable pigmentation and creating a smooth surface.


Laser Skin Acne Treatment

Able to reduce the appearance of breakouts, redness and scarring in as little as one session.


Hands Laser Peeling

A quick, safe solution to thinning of the skin, wrinkles on the hands and pigmentation.

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My Favourite Treatment!

I honestly cannot recommend the laser carbon peel enough! After seeing the results of the treatment on my sister, I just knew I needed to get myself booked in. I couldn’t believe how smooth and glowy my skin was afterwards – I can’t wait for my next appointment in a few weeks time!