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Tailored To Your Facial Features

Enhance Your Natural Features With Dermal Fillers

As a highly reputable, certified beauty and aesthetics clinic, our experienced team offer safe dermal fillers in Northampton with maximum results. Using hyaluronic acid filler, a substance naturally present in the body, we enhance our client’s natural features for a subtle tweak yet a dramatic boost in confidence.

Your journey will always begin with an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and desired results. From here, we will create a tailored treatment plan to achieve your goals. Learn more about our treatment options below.

Achieve A Subtle Enhancement

Lip Fillers To Perfect Your Pout

As one of the most popular types of dermal fillers, our lip fillers in Northampton subtly tweak the appearance of your lips for a plumper, more defined pout. Fillers can be used to not only make thinner lips appear fuller but also restore the volume lost by the natural ageing process. Many of our clients combine their lip filler treatment with injections to remove fine lines around the mouth, achieving an overall more youthful look.

Alter The Shape & Symmetry Of Your Nose

Nose Filler, The Perfect Alternative To Surgery

Also known as a non-surgical nose job, our nose filler in Northampton allows you to rectify insecurities without going under the knife. Taking as little as ten minutes, this treatment is designed to subtly alter the shape, symmetry and size of your nose. It can be used to:

  • Remove bumps on the bridge of the nose

  • Raise or add definition to the tip of the nose

  • Straighten a crooked or hook-shaped nose

  • Slim the nose or reduce the flare of the nostrils

Create A Brighter, More Awake Appearance

Reduce Dark Under Eyes With Tear Trough Filler

Do you feel as if you still look tired no matter how much sleep you get? You may find that the cause of your dark, sunken eyes is as simple as genetics. In this case, we recommend our safe, effective tear trough filler in Northampton. By injecting small, targeted amounts of filler between the muscle and bone, we achieve a brighter, more refreshed appearance, reducing dark circles, under-eye bags and hollow eyes.

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Everything Was Perfect

Everything was perfect. Extremely professional, everyone was very attentive, and the clinic was very clean. I felt totally confident and relaxed throughout. Previous visits have been followed up by Loredana to make sure I was pleased with the results. Everything was discussed with me. Very pleased with the results.