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Rejuvenating Dermaplaning Treatment

Gone are the days where you have to exfoliate your face with harsh scrubs and chemicals to achieve smooth, imperfection-free skin. It’s time to use the innovative dermaplaning treatment to your advantage to transform your skin from dull and tired to fresh and glowing.

Using a specialist, dermatologist-approved blade, dead skin cells and hair are gently removed from the skin. The blade is carefully scraped over the surface of the skin, removing the upper layer which is often filled with dry skin, old cells and the typical ‘peach-fuzz’ hair. The treatment gives your skin an instant boost, creating a super-smooth, radiant surface.

Why Choose Dermaplaning?

Benefits Of Dermaplaning

With years of experience providing specialist treatments, New You is dedicated to staying one step ahead of the beauty industry. Teams adore making the most out of the latest, innovative treatments to provide clients with unbeatable results. Dermaplaning continues to be one of the most popular facial treatments, but what are the benefits?

Reduces Acne Scarring

Safe Facial Exfoliation

Instant Positive Results

Removes Facial Hair

No Downtime, Gentle & Pain-Free

Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles

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What Our Clients Say

Dermaplaning has completely transformed my skin! I had a lot of scarring from acne in my teenage years and stubborn hair around my cheeks, which I always struggled to manage with other beauty products. A friend recommended New You and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The team are great at tailoring the treatment to me, and I love my monthly visits!