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As tattoos continue to grow in popularity, it’s no surprise that there’s a fair share of people who are left with designs that they most definitely regret. While, in the past, tattoos really were for life, there is now a highly effective solution to remove your unwanted ink in a matter of hours.

If you have had a change of mind regarding your body art, then New You has you covered! Using industry-approved, innovative equipment, our team can minimise the appearance of your tattoo quickly, safely and effectively. A tailored treatment plan will be created, taking into consideration aspects such as your requirements, tattoo size and contraindications. Regardless of the tattoo colour and scale or your skin type, New You will strive to maximise results, providing an unbeatable level of treatment and aftercare.

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What To Expect From Laser Tattoo Removal

Thanks to the constant evolution of technology, lasers have now become more advanced than ever. When used for laser tattoo removal, the laser creates a high-intensity beam of light, which zaps the skin and produces pulses of light energy. The tattoo ink will absorb the light energy, heat up and eventually shatter, which breaks up the pigments. This allows the ink to be passed naturally through the body, avoiding any damage to the skin.

When opting for laser tattoo removal sessions, while it may sound daunting, you can expect a comfortable and quick treatment. On the day, your New You specialist will provide you with protective goggles and numb the skin to keep discomfort at a minimum. The size of your tattoo will determine how long each session will take, but this will be discussed in your initial consultation.

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Couldn’t recommend New You enough to anyone looking for a reliable laser tattoo removal clinic. I’ve regretted my tattoo for more than ten years, and after hearing of a friend at work getting theirs removed, I was keen to get booked in. The team were all so helpful, friendly and made sure that I felt comfortable throughout every session.