Say Goodbye To Unwanted Tattoos

What The Client Wanted

We have recently begun a course of sessions with our client to remove a faded tattoo on their leg. We started the process, as always, with an initial consultation to discuss their requirements and what the client could expect from their course. From here, we created a bespoke treatment plan, which included the use of our new Inactive ND YAG Laser machine.

Services Used

Results After Just One Session!

The Treatment Process

During the consultation, we advised our client to avoid sun exposure, including sunbeds, in the lead up to their session to ensure that the skin was not damaged. We also recommended not to use products such as lotion on the leg on the day of the appointment and to wear loose trousers.

When our client arrived at their session, they were provided with protective eyewear and were able to ask any last questions before beginning the tattoo removal. We then used the Inactive ND YAG Laser machine to start breaking up the tattoo pigment, which will then be naturally passed through the body.

The video shows the results after just one session of our laser tattoo removal in Northampton and what a huge difference it has made! We look forward to seeing the full results once our client has completed their course of sessions.

Committed To Client Satisfaction

Sharing Fantastic Feedback

I’ve loved my experience with New You so far. I’ve been made to feel so welcome, and the client has a really friendly atmosphere. I was a little nervous about my tattoo removal at first, but I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I’m so impressed with how much my tattoo has faded so far, and I’ve only had one treatment!