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What The Client Wanted

Like many of us, our client had a super busy lifestyle and felt as if his energy levels were running low. He was soon jetting off abroad for a friend’s wedding, so he wanted a boost to help him to feel his best during his trip. Our experts at our beauty clinic in Northampton recommended one of our newest treatments, our IV vitamin drip, a specially made infusion of nutrients designed to revitalise the body.

What The Client Had Done

By spending time during our client’s consultation to understand his needs, lifestyle and current energy levels, we could create a bespoke infusion of minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. These were administered through an IV (through the veins), similar to a hospital drip, ensuring the vitamins could be distributed directly into the bloodstream for maximum results.

After just one session, our client instantly felt a difference, although we explained that he would feel the full effect a few days after his vitamin infusion. Not only would he benefit from enhanced energy levels, but the treatment would also improve his overall immune system – a must-have when travelling overseas.

We were over the moon to hear that our client was thrilled with his results, so much so that he has booked another session for when he returns.

Our vitamin IV drip is quickly becoming one of our most popular treatments, so if you would like to learn more about our infusions or any of our other beauty treatments in Northampton, please do not hesitate to book a consultation.

Our IV Vitamin Drip Treatment

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The team at New You are brilliant; the treatment has made me feel so refreshed!

Our client contacted us to help him feel rejuvenated and revitalised before his trip away; this is how we helped!