A subtle yet stunning transformation

What The Client Wanted

Having been a regular visitor to our renowned beauty clinic in Northampton for various facial treatments, our lovely client discovered through Instagram that we now offered dermal fillers. Intrigued, she gave us a call to book a consultation and discuss her aspirations for a lip enhancement – after all, she wanted to be sure she chose a clinic that would meet her expectations flawlessly. Given her previous positive experiences with New You Beauty, she felt instantly at ease, confident that she had found the right place.

What The Client Had Done

During the consultation, our dedicated team of experts spent time understanding the precise results that our client desired so that they could customise the amount and placement of the dermal filler to achieve her vision. In addition to addressing her concerns and desires, our team took this opportunity to educate our client on the lip enhancement process, making sure she knew exactly what to expect both during the appointment and in terms of aftercare.

The before and after photos of our client following her first-ever lip enhancement treatment with dermal fillers demonstrate the remarkable transformation she achieved; her lips appear fuller, beautifully contoured, and in perfect harmony with the rest of her facial features! By combining our expertise in lip enhancement with our personalised approach, we were able to help our client achieve the stunning lips she had always desired.

If you, too, are considering lip enhancement or any other beauty or aesthetic treatment, we invite you to join us at our beauty clinic in Northampton, where we strive to turn your dreams into reality. Contact us today to book your consultation!

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The service I receive from the lovely ladies at New You is unmatched every single time and the results are even better! I am once again blown away with my new look!