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What The Client Wanted

Our client wanted to treat herself to a rejuvenating facial, so she booked a consultation at our beauty clinic in Northampton. Although her skin was clear, the colder weather started to make it dry and dehydrated, so she was looking for a facial to keep her skin healthy over the winter months.

Treatment Used

What The Client Had Done

Our New You beautician recommended our GeneO+ facial in Northampton, perfect for exfoliating and hydrating the skin whilst feeding the skin with all the essential nutrients!

GeneO+ facial is a popular 3-in-1 facial that uses oxygenation to bring more collagen to the skin, ultimately creating a healthier and youthful appearance.

The facial has many benefits, helping to hydrate dull, dry skin while reducing fine lines and large pores. It is an excellent treatment for those who want to tackle multiple troubled areas. The three steps the facial involves include:

1. Exfoliating: The outer layer of skin will first be exfoliated to remove all the dead skin cells and prepare the surface that will receive the nutrients it needs.

2. Cleansing: Your beautician will then apply a cleanser formula that is rich in nutrients and therefore allows your skin to boost the flow of oxygenation and increase collagen.

3. Radio Frequency: A radio frequency will be applied afterwards to stimulate fibroblast action and produce collagen, which tightens the skin.

If you are looking for different beauty treatments in Northampton then feel free to book a consultation at our clinic today!

The GeneO+ Facial

Our Client Mid-Treatment

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Sharing Fantastic Feedback

The results of my treatment are exactly what I wanted. The team is very kind and helpful, making me feel safe! Thank you, NewYou!