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What The Client Wanted

Our client came to our beauty clinic in Northampton looking for help reducing breakouts and boosting her overall skin health, so we recommend our deeply detoxing laser carbon peel.

Treatment Used

What The Client Had Done

The laser carbon peel is a gentler and less invasive alternative to a conventional chemical peel, which is not always best suited to people with sensitive skin. It deeply exfoliates the skin, unclogs and minimises pores, improves skin tone and allows skin healing!

Our specialists in laser treatments in Northampton use advanced Nd: YAG lasers for this treatment, ensuring you a painless and fast procedure with effective and long-lasting results! The treatment costs about £40-£45 and may involve multiple sessions; however, the carbon peel is immediately effective! If you’re considering getting the laser carbon peel in Northampton to minimise breakouts or to treat other skin concerns, contact us for more information or book a consultation!

The Laser Carbon Peel

Our Client Mid-Treatment

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Sharing Fantastic Feedback

My treatment was exactly what I’d hoped for; it was pain-free and has left excellent results. The team was so kind and pleasant; they made me feel welcome and paid attention to everything I said I wanted help with. I will be recommending them to others!