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A client contacted New You looking to have a tattoo removed on the lower section of their stomach. They no longer liked the tattoo, and because it was in an obvious place, they were keen to get rid of it soon as possible. After a consultation, the client was booked in for laser tattoo removal in Northampton.

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We receive a lot of questions about our tattoo removal treatments, most of which are about aftercare and what to expect from the treatment. These will all be discussed with you when attending your consultation, along with how many sessions we predict it will take for the tattoo to be removed. It should always be noted that tattoos with colour pigments will require more sessions.

Many of our clients say that the treatment feels similar to getting the tattoo, with areas such as the wrist and feet being slightly more painful than other areas. The aftercare is fairly simple and will require the client to avoid exposure to the sun, including the use of sunbeds while the area is healing. It is strongly recommended to follow all of the treatment advice from our team, including not picking any scabs and allowing them to fall off naturally.

Our client has just had their second session, already seeing great results! There are still a few sessions left, and the client is looking forward to saying goodbye to a past mistake.

If you are interested in laser treatments in Daventry, including our tattoo removal and hair removal, then please feel free to contact our team to book a consultation.

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Really happy with the results so far, and I look forward to seeing how the finished results will look!