Gaining A Youthful Glow

What The Client Wanted

As we reopen in a few days, we thought we would look back one last time at the treatments we have completed for our clients before lockdown. We are beyond grateful for all of our clients that have remained patient with our team throughout this tough time, and we are excited to see you again soon!

This particular client was looking to have a pamper while also treating their skin to a treatment that would make them glow. She had heard about dermaplaning on social media and was wondering whether the benefits she heard about online were real. Our trained and highly experienced professionals spoke to the client about the information she already knew and confirmed that dermaplaning was one of the best ways to clear the skin and leave you with a healthy, natural glow.

Services Used

Our Treatment Process

What The Client Had Done

After discussing the benefits, the client went ahead with the treatment, and her skin looked fresh straight after the appointment. There are many reasons why dermaplaning is popular with our clients, including the following:

  • Makes the skin instantly glow
  • Removes oils, dirt and dead skin
  • Allows products, such as moisturiser, to penetrate the skin better
  • Gives a smooth surface to apply makeup

If you would like to book in for dermaplaning, or any other beauty treatment in Northampton, then please feel free to speak with our professional and experienced team at New You Beauty Clinic.

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Sharing Fantastic Feedback

I’d seen so many amazing results from dermaplaning online but was a little dubious about it, so wanted to know more. The team at New You were lovely and explained the treatment really well, which made me feel confident that I wanted to book in, and I’m so happy that I did. My skin has never looked so healthy and glowy, and I cannot wait to get booked in again when the salon is back open!