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Eyebrow hair can be a pain; not only is it annoying to constantly have to remove, but it can also be painful when using wax, tweezers or threading. Not only is removal of eyebrow hair painful and time-consuming, but if you have dark hair, then you may find that a unibrow begins to appear within days of removing the hair. This results in many of our clients looking for a more permanent solution the remove unwanted hair, particularly in the centre of their eyebrows.

A client contacted New You with thick and dark eyebrow hair in the centre of their eyebrows, which was extremely painful to remove and stubble appeared within two days, making it look as though the hair had not been removed.

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After a consultation with the client, it was clear that the best route to resolve the issues they were facing was to have laser hair removal. This is by far one of the best, and most popular hair removal solutions as it offers the client a more permanent result, giving them smooth and hair-free skin. By having laser hair removal, it means that the client no longer has to remove the hair.

A patch test was first complete to ensure that it was safe for the client to have the treatment, and when this came back clear, we arranged for the client to complete a few sessions of laser hair removal. It is important for the client to have more than one session to ensure that all hair follicles are targeted, minimising the chances of regrowth.

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I was a little nervous having laser hair removal because I hadn’t had it done before so was scared it would hurt a lot. I also didn’t think that many men had this treatment, but the consultant reassured me that many of their clients are male, and that the treatment is very common for men. I was surprised that the treatment wasn’t too painful, and any sensation I did feel was over really quickly. The team were really friendly and welcoming, and I just had a really good overall experience.