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After many weeks cooped up at home during the lockdown, we have had many of our lovely client’s book in for a treat and well-deserved pamper, helping them to feel themselves again. Our most recent client booked in for our popular lash lift and tint in Northampton to subtly enhance her lashes and brighten her eyes. Like many of us, her natural lashes were very light and fair which meant that without mascara, they were tricky to see, making the LVL tint and lift the perfect treatment to add a touch of glam.

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Enhancing Natural Lashes

What The Client Had Done

A few days before our client’s appointment, we booked her in for a patch test, which is vitally important in ensuring that there will be no negative side effects from the treatment. Although the products we use are of the highest quality and safety profile, if a client has super sensitive skin, they may experience irritation from the products, which means that we cannot go ahead with the treatment. This is very rare; however, we will always carry out a patch test regardless. Luckily, in this instance, the client had absolutely no reactions to the products, so the LVL lash lift and tint could go ahead as planned.

Compared to eyelash extensions, the LVL lash lift and tint is a far quicker treatment yet achieves just as beautiful results. We started by cleaning our client’s lashes then placed eye pads underneath the eye and lash shields on the eyelid. Next, we applied the perming solution to the lashes before lifting them up and around the shield. This was left to work its magic, removed, and then the tint was applied. The treatment made a huge difference to our client’s lashes – we cannot believe how long they look!

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My daughter had a lash lift and tint, and her eyelashes looked stunning, so I booked myself in for a little treat before Christmas. I’m so happy with the results, fabulous treatment, I’ll definitely be booking in again!