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It is more common than you may think for people to regret the tattoos they have had done in the past. Luckily, modern technology has provided an effective solution to remove tattoos in a relatively quick and painless method. This case study is an example of one of the many Laser Tattoo Removals in Northampton that we successfully carry out.

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Each process begins with a consultation to assess the work that will need to be done. In this particular case, the size on the tattoo was measured as 7.7cm, which is priced competitively at £80 for removal of otherwise permanent unwanted ink. A free tattoo patch test was carried out, as is required with each laser tattoo removal, to ensure the skin does not react badly to the laser.

After the patch test produced no problems, the client came back into the clinic to begin the laser process. First, the area was numbed with a numbing gel to ensure maximum comfort for the client during the procedure. Using a laser, we safely covered the area of the tattoo, breaking up the pigments of the tattoo ink through light absorption. With this method, the ink passes naturally through the body, meaning the skin is left undamaged. After the first session was complete, the client was booked in for the remaining sessions and is due to be in for her final session soon. We’ll make sure to grab some after photos to display the final results!

Laser tattoo removal is a quick and straightforward solution to removing tattoos you may regret. Don’t leave unwanted ink on your skin forever, book in with us today to start your journey with us. To view our other treatments, take a look at our treatments page.

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I have been wanting to get rid of my tattoo for so long but was so scarred to have it removed because I knew it would be painful. The team were to lovely and they went through very step before the treatment and throughout the chatted away to make me feel less nervous. I am so happy with the results and honestly cannot say thank you enough!