A warm welcome to the New You website! Having provided specialist treatments to clients across Northampton and the surrounding areas for many years, we believed that it was time to design a modernised website that reflected our passion for providing only the highest standard of treatments. All team members are committed to providing a truly unbeatable experience with every visit, going above and beyond to ensure that clients are thrilled with their treatment results. From banishing unwanted body art through laser tattoo removal to achieving a natural glow through dermaplaning, we have you covered for all of your beauty-related dilemmas!

The New You Promise

We are proud to have a unique twist to our beauty clinic. Not only are our therapists highly experienced and fully qualified, but they are also reputable treatment trainers. This means that they have a wealth of knowledge on the most effective industry practices, meaning that we can guarantee exceptional results with every visit.

Regardless of the treatment that clients opt for, a tailored treatment plan will always be devised. We encourage all clients to take advantage of their initial consultation as it gives them the opportunity to discuss their requirements, along with any contraindications that may impact the treatment techniques used. In spending time getting to know both the needs of the client, as well as their desired final look, our therapist can ensure that their treatment plan works perfectly for them.

When booking a treatment with New You, clients can be rest assured that only the latest, innovative equipment is used. Our team share a passion for adopting the newest beauty trends, experimenting with modern techniques to maximise the results for every client. We believe that it is imperative to grow with the industry. While traditional approaches to treatments will always be effective, it is vital to adapt to the ever-evolving world of beauty treatments.

Our Selection Of Treatments

When visiting our beauty clinic, you most definitely will not be short for choices when treating yourself to treatment. Our areas of expertise span across various fields, including the following:

  • Laser Tattoo Removal – Unwanted tattoos are removed using specialist high-intensity lasers, which break up the pigment within the ink, so it can then be naturally passed through the body.
  • Lash Lift & Tint – Say goodbye to mascara and hello to long, luscious lashes. Our lash lift and tint enhances your natural lashes, giving you extra volume.
  • Dermaplaning – Using a dermatologist-approved blade at a 45-degree angle, all dead skin cells, excess oil and ‘peach-fuzz’ hair are removed from the upper layer of skin.
  • Scalp Micro-Pigmentation – If you’re suffering from hair loss or thinning, then scalp micro-pigmentation is the perfect non-surgical solution.
  • Laser Carbon Peel – Thoroughly detox the skin by unclogging pores and minimising breakouts through our much-loved laser carbon peel.
  • Waxing – Whether you’re jetting off for a week basking in the sunshine or aim to remain hair-free all year round, our expertise in waxing has you covered!
  • CBD Facial Treatment – The use of CBD in facial treatments comes alongside a wealth of benefits, thanks to the compounds anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-ageing properties.
  • Laser Hair Removal – As the most permanent hair removal technique, on completion of your laser hair removal sessions, you’ll only need annual top-up appointments to maintain results.
  • Cosmetic Tattoo Removal – Our cosmetic tattoo removal is a quick, safe and highly effective way to remove semi-permanent eyeliner, eyebrows and lips.
  • Semi-Permanent Makeup – From permanently drawing on your signature winged eyeliner to carving your brows to the perfect, full shape, our semi-permanent makeup is tailored to suit every client.
  • Microneedling – Transform your skin and kickstart the reproduction of collagen through microneedling. A proven way to not only reduce prominent signs of ageing by also scarring and stretch marks.

We Look Forward To Hearing From You!

If you’re interested in any of the treatments listed above or have any questions regarding our areas of expertise, then do not hesitate to contact our friendly team. They are always more than happy to help you to determine the best treatment for you, answering any questions that you may have or advising the best route to maximise results. We look forward to hearing from you!