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Boost Confidence At Our Beauty Clinic

When visiting our beauty clinic in Olney, an initial consultation will always be scheduled, which gives you the chance to discuss your requirements with our friendly team. You will be able to ask as many questions as you may have before deciding whether you want to go ahead with your chosen treatment, allowing a bespoke plan to be made to maximise your experience.

Maximise Your Results

Laser Treatments

Using only the highest quality of industry-approved equipment, we offer a range of laser treatments in Olney. Each of which can be tailored to fit with your requirements and the number of sessions that you need.

Say Goodbye To Makeup

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Our semi-permanent makeup in Olney has by far become one of the most popular treatments at our clinic, offering beautiful results that have been designed bespoke to you. Whether you want to replicate your signature winged eyeliner to tint your lips with a subtle shade of pink, it couldn’t be easier to transform your look. Our semi-permanent makeup artists are passionate about their role, spending time getting to know your style before creating natural results that will last for more than a year.

Natural Results

Scalp Micropigmentation

We recognise that suffering from hair loss and thinning can have an immense impact on confidence but going under the knife for a hair transplant can be incredibly daunting. It is for this reason that we offer a highly effective, non-surgical solution which creates the illusion of natural hair follicles while causing no trauma to the skin – scalp micropigmentation. Our scalp micrpigmentation in Olney utilises a pen-like device to place colour pigments onto the skin, using dot work to replicate the appearance of hair.

Give Your Skin A Little TLC

Hydrating, Skin Perfecting Facials

Treat yourself to a little TLC and enjoy an instant skin boost with our range of facials in Olney, able to tackle a number of common skin imperfections.

Enhance Your Natural Lashes

Lash Lift & Tint

Make the most out of your natural lash length and brighten your eyes with our lash lift and tint in Olney. Our beauticians use only the safest products to perm, fix and tint your eyelashes, ensuring that they stay healthy and continue to grow. Together, the process takes less than an hour, and then you can enjoy your results for up to two months before a top-up appointment will be due.

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Providing An Unbeatable Experience

So Happy With My Results!

After spending years filling in my eyebrows, I thought enough was enough. I saw online an article about semi-permanent eyebrows and was instantly interested. After booking a consultation with New You, I felt so relaxed that I was in safe hands and couldn’t wait for my appointment. The results completely exceeded all of my expectations; my only regret is that I didn’t get booked in years ago!