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Whether you’re heading off for a week basking in the sunshine or aim to keep your skin hair-free all year round, New You has you covered. As a specialist waxing salon, our teams use only the most effective, industry level waxing kits to ensure that every client can enjoy maximum results.

Waxing remains one of the most popular hair removal methods, thanks to its ability to remove unwanted hair from the root, providing results for up to four weeks. As the hair is not just removed from the surface as it would do so when shaving, the likelihood of irritation and ingrown hairs is kept at a minimum. In some cases, if clients were to book regular waxing appointments, they may even notice the hair growing back lighter and more sparse.

Waxing Services Available

Staying Hair Free Couldn’t Be Easier!

Depending on the type of waxing that you opt for, the method used may slightly differ. For instance, our team will use hot wax for more sensitive skin on, for instance, the bikini line. Whereas strip wax, on the other hand, is a more effective option for areas with thinner hair such as the arms and legs. These techniques are used to provide a range of waxing services, including the following:

Waxing For Women

New You provide an array of different waxing for women from full face to bikini line, helping you to say goodbye to shaving forever!

Waxing For Men

Maintaining a clean and tidy appearance, needn’t be a tedious task through our variety of waxing for men, including back and chest.

Treatments Made Just For You

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Full Face






Back & Shoulder


Under Arms


Half Arms


Full Arms


Half Legs


Full Legs


Bikini Line




Full Legs & Bikini Line






Upperlip and Chin


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I’ve been going to New You for the past year or so for regular waxing, and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t go anywhere else! The team instantly make you feel super comfortable, which I think is so important, and they’re always great for a good chat during appointments.